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The Story Behind Our Movement

Future Fighters kids at a protest at city hall
Future Fighters group doing a neighborhood cleanup at Larchmont Village in Los Angeles

Future Fighters is a youth-led group of school-aged kids and their families working together to fight climate change and protect our planet. The group was founded in Los Angeles in August 2021, when a group of 7- and 8-year old girls came together to petition their summer camp to abandon the harmful plastic packaging used for camp lunches.


Since then, the group has grown to over 50 kids and their families, with bi-monthly meetings and events. They have organized beach and neighborhood cleanups, built an educational garden and community composting hub, spoken out about ending oil drilling at City Hall, lobbied their schools for more eco-friendly protocols, petitioned businesses to stop harmful practices, and run successful fundraisers benefiting environmental non–profits.


Future Fighters focus on 3 types of activities:

1. Environmental action. Future Fighters come together monthly to take various forms of climate action, including cleaning up neighborhoods and beaches; lobbying politicians and leaders at city, state, and national levels; greening their schools through implementing composting and school supply recycling programs; and speaking out publicly on climate justice issues.

2. Environmental education. Future Fighters provides young people and families with the knowledge they need to be environmentally responsible citizens and activists. Kids learn about key issues such as climate change, plastic pollution, water, drought, trash, and biodiversity loss. Importantly, we focus on the solutions to these problems, such as composting; waste reduction; renewable energy; regenerative agriculture and gardening practices; and responsible water use.  We teach about climate change in a developmentally-appropriate manner that focuses on hope and solutions.





​3. Nature connection. Future Fighters encourages connection with nature through gardening, field trips and outings, and nature-based crafts.













The vision of Future Fighters is to make environmental action and education an accessible, family-friendly, fun, and normative activity for kids and their families. Future Fighters is an inclusive community that welcomes all families and children. If you are interested in joining, simply show up to one of our upcoming events, or feel free to contact us with any questions!


Future Fighters kids petitioning for eco-friendly practices
Future Fighters kids brainstorming  about how to get more green space and park equity in Los Angeles, with Teapot LA
Future Fighters kids volunteering with Garden School Foundation to care for the garden at 24th Street Elementary School
Future Fighters kids learning to grow and harvest their own food in their educational garden
Future Fighters at the Gentle Barn learning about animal agriculture and veganism
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