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  • Vida Zangrillo

Waste Not, Want Not

This is the Future Fighters blog where anyone can be an environmental hero.

This week we are talking about food waste and how to help at home, let's get started!

So what is food waste? It’s food that is neither eaten nor composted. Did you know that over 1/3 of food grown goes to waste? There is food waste on a large scale, like at farms, restaurants, and grocery stores. But there is also small scale food waste like in neighborhoods, gardens, and kitchens. Have you ever let food rot in your fridge?

We all let food waste happen, but it’s time for a change, we can help stop food waste one house hold at a time. Here's how we will do it!

What you can do at home
  • Buy only what you plan to eat. A good meal planner can help! There are tons of cute meal planners for free! (I laminated mine, so it’s reusable!)

  • Make sure to put perishables in the front of the fridge, so they will get used up.

  • Plan a ”cook the fridge” meal where you can use up extra food in your fridge while making a yummy meal.

  • Composting can help cut down on the amount of food thrown way, and make yummy meals for plants!

The Future Fighters have been up to something…solving food waste!

The Future Fighters hosted a vegan bake sale, with proceeds donated to Nourish LA, a local organization that fights food waste.

The Future Fighters sold the cutest pumpkins that I have every seen (and I am a pumpkin fanatic!). If I lived there, I would have bought them all 😉. The Future Fighters made the most beautiful, fluffy, cinnamon rolls, and the cutest halloween Rice Crispy treats, with halloween sprinkles! They made amazing cookies, so yummy 🍪. And they did all this for Nourish LA, an amazing organization that takes extra produce from farms, gardens, and stores and gives it to people in need - so it doesn't go to waste! Find out about your local food waste management system, and what you can do to support it.

Until next time, stay green!

About the author

Hi I’m Vida! I’m 11 and live on Orcas Island,

Washington. I am a Future Fighter, even

though I don’t live in LA. I hope this blog can

help other kids connect with the Future

Fighters mission.

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Nov 20, 2023

You have just inspired me to make a meal based on my fridge. I made a big cucumber salad and am stir frying all the vegetables In the fridge. Thanks for the good suggestions.

Nov 21, 2023
Replying to

I’m glad the article inspired you!


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